What would the world be like if we let ourselves be a bit more childish? In CHILD-ish, a dynamite cast of adult actors speak children’s exact words about love, life and the world. Instead of pretending to be children, they perform as adults, allowing us to hear kids’ ideas and experiences anew. It’s surprising, hilarious and moving.

CHILD-ish is a constellation of creative works comprising a live show, a digital show, a podcast and a web series. Created by Sunny Drake, it was drawn from interviews with over 40 whip-smart (and brutally honest) children. As Creative Associate at Art of Festivals, I joined the CHILD-ish team as Audience Engagement Producer of the digital launch in June 2021. CHILD-ish is now touring the world digitally. Visit Sunny Drake’s website to find tour dates and more.

Credit CHILD-ish tile image: photo by Peter Riddihough