Centre for Cultural Value

I worked on several projects with the Centre for Cultural Value, a UK organisation that connects research, practice and cultural policy.

In November 2021, I produced the Centre's first-ever digital research conference together with Fanny Martin at Art of Festivals. The 2-day event titled Covid-19: Changing Culture? was held on Airmeet and featured artists, academics and practitioners from the arts & heritage sector. We also commissioned a composer-in-residence, Fraz Ireland, who created an interactive soundscape.

From January to February 2022, I worked on the dissemination of the Culture in Crisis report, one of the world's largest investigations into the impacts of Covid-19 on the cultural industries. I am happy to say that we exceeded our download targets!

Finally, I coordinated the production of the Culture in Crisis research film which summarises 15 months of research in less than 500 seconds.

Daniela hit the ground running, asked insightful questions, brought fresh and creative thinking and was a safe and unflappable pair of hands.

- Tamsin Curror, Communications Manager, Centre for Cultural Value